Benefits of physical exercises at the old age!

We have always heard and saw on TV that physical exercises reduce the risk of major diseases, prolonging our life and making us feel better and full of energy both physically and mentally. Physical exercises are not supposed to be a burden. Learning is essential therefore you will have to hire a personal trainer that will help you to exercise in a correct way without straining or hurting yourself. Along with age, joints and tendons become frailer, painful and bone diseases can occur in this stage of life. To avoid inconvenience, senior people must take simple physical exercises every day that will certainly help them to maintain healthy and feel younger.

Physical exercises keep you in shape at any age. Even if you passed the age of 55-60, you can still enjoy the energy offered by a few simple movements every day.

86542573_XSFor adults or elderly people, physical exercises prevent or at least delay the onset of brain degeneration. Researchers found that people who exercise moderately since mid life presents a much lower risk of suffering from dementia in old age. For example, in order to prevent the degeneration of brain, specialists at the Mayo Clinic in USA, recommends middle-aged to swim, take long walks, aerobics, yoga or strength training exercises, which reduces the risk of mental illness installation by 39%. If these activities are practiced towards the old age, the risk of degenerative brain disease decreases by 32%. These activities increase the blood flow to the brain, ensuring the development and survival of neurons and decrease the risk of cardiac arrest or heart disease.

Many studies have shown that many diseases and frailty of the human body are actually caused by inactivity (sedentary lifestyle) rather than aging. It is believed that inactivity is more harmful than tobacco smoking.

There is no doubt that with time physical exercises become more fun when you will look at the progresses you’ve made. The progress will happen if you gradually increase the complexity and frequency of the exercise.

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