Can I Buy Elderly Life Insurance for My Parents?

Life insurance is a product used to supplement the financial income for a family in case a breadwinner dies. There are many types of coverage available, including elderly life insurance, which you can buy for your parents.

family happyA policy will only cover the insured, but this does not always means that the insured is the one paying the premiums. Instead, you can insure your parents while you cover the policy’s expenses. Since you will be the beneficiary, after your parents pass away, you will receive the full benefit and this will enable you to pay for their funeral costs and other remaining last expenses.

The advantages of purchasing life insurance for your parents

There are many reasons to purchase insurance for your elder parents, the main one being that you will receive the death benefit. Since you will be the beneficiary, the agency will pay insurance proceedings to you, but only after your parents pass away. The death benefit can be use to cover expenses such as:

  • Funeral expenses
  • Mortgage loans
  • College tuition
  • Other outstanding debt
  • Daily living expenses

How to insure your parents?

Purchasing elderly life insurance for your parents is simple. First, you will need t discuss wit your parents and make sure they agree with your plan. Second, you will need to compare quotes. Remember that the policy’s premiums will be based on your parent’s health and age!

After you find an affordable policy, contact the agent to arrange for a meeting. Some policies may require your parents to take some medical examinations. Also, if your parents are too old, they may not be eligible for certain types of plans.

But there are many no medical life insurance plans that have a simple application process. Your parents will simply need to complete an application form and answer a few medical questions. This type of coverage can be use to cover funeral expenses and it can be purchased online.

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