Can Disabled Seniors Get Life Insurance?

A senior has a fragile body and a weaker immune system. Any hit can be fatal or produce permanent damage. We often hear about the cases of seniors getting injured due to domestic accidents. Unfortunately a senior can quickly become disabled.  The full extent of a disability will seriously affect the economic plans. You can find harder life insurance for disabled seniors.  It is not impossible, but difficult and disabled seniors can get life insurance.

term-life-insurance-over-65There are various types of disability and you must be specific when you begin to search for elderly life insurance. Some disabilities render useless some parts of the body, while other produce minor deficiencies.  And some of them can be treated and healed in time, while other disabilities are permanent.

An insurer will be interested about the impact produced by your disability: capacity to move, speak, read or memorize. He will be also interested about the impact to daily activities: if you are able to work or to perform any physical activity.  You will need tons of medical documents and in some cases you will need to undergo a series of blood and urine tests.  All these papers and exams will decide if you are eligible for a life insurance or not.

You can get rejected so many times because you present two major drawbacks: you are old and have a pre-existing medical condition. If you want to be under coverage, you should search on the internet for insurance agents specialized in finding life insurance for persons with disabilities.  You must disclose again personal information about your past and current health status and if there is any remedy.

Also, talk about your desired amount of coverage and how much can you spend monthly in order to keep the coverage in force.  The agent will then analyze your situation and will present all the available possibilities. It can also suggest you to search for life insurance quotes suitable for your condition.

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