Can You Get Life Insurance for Seniors Without Taking Medical Exams?

The traditional way of getting life insurance is very tiring: a lot of paperwork, many medical examinations, waiting in lines; all of these are now history as you can buy life insurance for seniors without taking medical exams. How? Simple: by purchasing a no medical exam life insurance plan.

Couple reading newspaper about life insuranceThere are three types of policies that do not ask for medical tests and examinations: simplified issue, final expense insurance and guaranteed acceptance issue.

How do they work?

These plans work in the same way as any other life insurance policy. The biggest difference between them is the application process. Simplified issue, final expense and guaranteed acceptance issue do not require medical examinations.

But how are then rates determine? Rates are determined based on the application form the client has to complete. Some plans, like simplified issue ask more questions, while others, like final expense insurance only ask four essential questions.

How to qualify for coverage?

Different agencies have different standards but in most cases, a senior will qualify for coverage if he/she is healthy. This means that the applicant doesn’t have any terminal illnesses like cancer or is infected with HIV. Some diseases like diabetes, heart conditions, pneumonia are insurable, but under certain conditions.

In order to qualify for life insurance for seniors without having to take any medical examinations you have to complete an application form which includes a medical questionnaire.

How to find life insurance without medical examination!

You can find no medical exam life insurance plans by searching for quotes. There are many insurance brokerage websites that can help you find affordable rates. It is important to know that policies which do not ask for medical examinations are more expensive as they take higher risks insuring seniors.

However, life insurance rates can be improved. You can either give up smoking or take on a healthier lifestyle or you can search for quotes. Click here for a list of the best plans available in your area!