Can Seniors Older Than 65 Years Get Life Insurance?

When applying for life insurance we usually hear the phrase: “You will get better rates only if you are younger”. This can be quite discouraging for people that have longed passed a certain age.  It almost seems impossible to get affordable life insurance for elderly. Furthermore, you will wonder if seniors older than 65 years can get life insurance. The answer is yes, but with some financial sacrifices.

insurance-over-65Uninformed individuals will think that seniors do not stand a chance to get life insurance. This is completely false; many companies sell life insurance policies specially designed for elder citizens. These policies are designed to take into consideration all the needs of a senior citizen: medical care, medical expenses, funeral expenses and their reduced financial possibilities.

The only disadvantage is that the premiums will be above average price. The companies have all the rights to do that. Being old translates into a shorter life expectancy and an increased death risk.  Insurers do not want to risk too much and end up losing too much money. This is no secret. But having life insurance far outweighs any cost.

So, you can get rid of your concerns, you can get life insurance if you are over 65 years and you must get life insurance: if not to accumulate money and leave it for your kids, at least to cover your funeral expenses.

As you can probably realize by now, age plays a decisive factor in the whole underwriting process. You will be favored by companies if you do not delay the acquisition of a policy. Health is another major element. It is better to apply when you are in a good physical shape.

Unfortunately health deteriorates in time and again, wasting time is not recommended.  Call for an experienced life insurance agent if you need help or you can ask someone to do an online research and scan the market for the best prices.

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