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Can You Get Life Insurance for Seniors Without Taking Medical Exams?

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The traditional way of getting life insurance is very tiring: a lot of paperwork, many medical examinations, waiting in lines; all of these are now history as you can buy life insurance for seniors without taking medical exams. How? Simple: by purchasing a no medical exam life insurance plan. There are three types of policies that do not ask for medical tests and examinations: simplified issue, final expense insurance and guaranteed acceptance issue. How do

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Can I Buy Elderly Life Insurance for My Parents?

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Life insurance is a product used to supplement the financial income for a family in case a breadwinner dies. There are many types of coverage available, including elderly life insurance, which you can buy for your parents. A policy will only cover the insured, but this does not always means that the insured is the one paying the premiums. Instead, you can insure your parents while you cover the policy’s expenses. Since you will be

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