No Exam Life Insurance Is The Best Investment For Senior Citizens!

Senior citizens looking for life coverage should purchase life insurance with no medical exam required. This is one of the smartest investments you can make during retirement as it will benefit your family in many ways! Life insurance is something all providers need and if you are a senior with financial dependents, carrying insurance is the best way you can financially secure your family!

How to qualify for no exam life insurance?

over-50-life-insurance-300x199When applying for a life insurance policy, you have to go through an underwriting process. His process is used to determine your life insurance rates and eligibility. It implies many medical examinations and blood tests. However, with a no medical examination policy, you benefit from a simplified underwriting process by skipping all the medical tests. Instead, you will have to answer to a series of questions about your medical condition.

However, not everyone can get life coverage. Answering “yes” to some questions may disqualify you. For example if you have been declared terminally ill or if you suffer from AIDS you will not be able to get insurance!

The advantages of life coverage without medical examination

  1. It is issued in 24 hours. A typical life insurance policy takes between 30 and 60 days to issue! Purchasing life insurance with no medical exam will save you a lot of time and you can find a life insurance quote online!
  2. It is easier to qualify for. If you have health problems, this type of policy may be your only option. Because you do not have to go through medical examinations, your chances of being eligible increases!
  3. You skip the medical examinations! Going through a lot of medical examinations is a discouraging thought for many people who want to get life coverage! By purchasing a no exam life insurance policy, you will not have to worry about visiting any doctors!

The downside

If you compare this policy with a simple term life insurance quote online, you will see a big price difference between the two. No medical exam life insurance is a lot more expensive, but it can be a great investment if you have dependents!

If you are a senior looking for life coverage, our website is here to help you find the best quotes available! Visit us for more information!