No Medical Exam Life Insurance for Cancer Patients

No medical exam life insurance plans have a simplified underwriting process that makes the more accessible for people who have health issues. Cancer is one of the most serious medical conditions and insuring someone in such a state is a risk no agency is willing to take.

Cancer_patientIt is very difficult and almost impossible to find a life insurance policy for someone who is suffering from cancer. Only former cancer patients can hope of getting life coverage and even then, under unlikely circumstances.

Still, life insurance is an important investment that offers essential financial protection for family members. Getting a policy is every breadwinner’s main concern, or at least it should be. It is understandable that people who have health issues will also want life coverage. However, the underwriting process is difficult to pass for someone who has a serious medical condition like cancer.

People who have suffered from cancer have higher chances of getting life coverage. An agency will consider insuring a cancer surviving only if at least 5 years have passed since the disease’s last symptoms. The type of cancer and its evolution will count a lot for underwriting premiums and eligibility. A list of medical reports that show major health improvements will increase eligibility chances.

When it comes to underwriting former cancer patients, there are some things that will increase eligibility:

  • If the applicant is not a smoker and he/she never smoked
  • If the applicant suffered from breast cancer, skin cancer, testicular cancer, prostate cancer
  • If the cancer was diagnosed and treated early
  • If many years have passed without any signs of reoccurring cancer symptoms

People who have been cured and are no longer taking treatment can apply for no medical exam life insurance plans in order to get faster coverage. These plans provide coverage without asking the applicant to pass medical examinations. Former cancer patients will find that applying for this type of coverage is easier, simple and faster.

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